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7 Cooling Summer Coffee Drinks

When the weather’s getting warmer, we all start craving cold drinks – especially coffee! We’ve listed 7 of our favourite summer coffee drinks for some cold drink inspiration. Take a look and choose your favourite!


1. Summer iced coffee

Super simple and effective – iced coffee is a summer drink we all know and love. It’s easy to make at home which makes it accessible too! Enjoy a cooling caffeine kick and see our guide on how to make iced coffee.


Remember, if you want a bit of extra pizzazz, you can always add flavoured coffee syrups. Mint syrup is refreshing and caramel adds the perfect bit of sweetness. Get creative!

2. Iced latte

For a milky iced coffee, simply pour your favourite Americano over ice and add milk – or a milk alternative. Give it a good stir to mix all the goodness together. And there you have a super easy summer iced latte!

3. Cold brew

Cold brew coffee is different to iced coffee – it’s simply brewed cold or at room temperature instead of adding ice cubes to hot coffee. Cold brew has to steep for between 8 to 24 hours so may not be a good option if you’re in a rush. It is, however, a great summer coffee option if you’d like a less bitter flavour.

4. Dalgona coffee

You might have seen this viral coffee on social media. It’s also called whipped coffee! For this, you simply make whisk together sugar, coffee and a couple teaspoons of water. This should froth up and make a sticky whipped paste. Add ice and milk. And voila – the perfect summer coffee!


This refreshing summer coffee drink is on the heavier side so it’s great as a tasty treat.

5. Vietnamese egg coffee

Vietnamese egg coffee is wonderful because it can be served hot or cold! This delicious drink from Vietnam is enjoyed in the summer months as the perfect refreshment.


Egg coffee is made by beating egg yolk with sweetened condensed milk to make an airy, frothy mixture. This delicious concoction is then poured onto an iced coffee – making the perfect summer iced coffee with a twist! See how to make this delicious, cold drink with our Vietnamese egg coffee recipe here.

6. Affogato

Now, this isn’t exactly a summer coffee so we may be cheating a bit but we’re sure you’ll love an affogato – it’s simply vanilla ice cream with a shot of espresso. It’s creamy and has a roasted espresso flavour – thanks to our espresso pods. Like the sound of it? We have an affogato recipe for you to follow here.

7. Banana milk iced coffee

This one is a little different! Banana milk iced coffee is a summer coffee that you’ll need to try as a coffee lover.


Cut a banana into chunks and pop it into a blender, along with your favourite coffee syrup – or honey! Add some milk and blend until smooth. Pop ice into a glass and using your NESCAFÉ® Dolce Gusto® coffee machine, make a deliciously delicate espresso. Pour the espresso onto your banana milk and enjoy! This fruity twist to coffee gives it that summery flavour.


We hope you enjoyed our list of summer coffee drinks. We all know there’s nothing better than a refreshing coffee in the sun, so make the most of it! Next, see our list of 30 different coffees from around the world.

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