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For a better, better  ​
 tasting cup of coffee

That cup of coffee in front of you is the result of a promise. A promise to grow and deliver you better coffee respectfully and sustainably. Keep scrolling to learn more

Sustainability is about doing

It’s not enough to simply talk about a sustainable future. It’s about taking real steps to get there, like:​

Empowering farmers and their communities, and supplying them with the right tools to grow sustainability​

Empowering farmers and their communities, and supplying them with the right tools to grow sustainability​

A plan for the planet​

In August 2010, we launched the Nescafé Plan, a project that reinforces Nestlé's commitments to the sustainable cultivation, production and consumption of coffee. The Nescafé Plan is a series of objectives that will help optimise our coffee supply chain

“Grown Respectfully” to grow sustainably.

Local farmers are the soul of quality coffee. Unfortunately, conditions like climate change, plant disease and rural exodus have threatened their community’s livelihood. Grown Respectfully puts farmers first

300 M

euros invested in sustainability projects in the last decade


This has helped carve a path for new technology and tools designed to sustain coffee production and enrich the lives of farmers and their communities. ​


farmers have been trained on how to operate sustainably


Together with the Rainforest Alliance, we created the Nescafé Better Farming Practices, a global reference document for training coffee farmers. ​


agricultural advisors work directly with coffee farmers around the world


Our Farmer Connect program puts us in constant contact with farmers and their cooperatives.

200 M

more resistant and profitable coffee plants


will be supplied to Nestle coffee farmers by the end of this year. ​

We will provide Nestlé coffee farmers with 220 milion more resistant and profitable coffee plants by the end of this year.​

Strong partners make us stronger ​

In life, and in coffee procurement


Our partnership with Coffee Assurance Services (CAS) ensures that our coffee is sourced responsibly and in compliance with the internationally recognized 4C code for sustainable coffee production. ​


The Rainforest Alliance is a strategic partner for us as we continue to expand our “Grown Respectfully” program. We jointly developed a monitoring and evaluation system so we can continuously evaluate our sustainability impact in growing regions. ​

90% of the world's coffee needs for NESCAFÉ® Dolce Gusto® came from responsible procurement. Our ambition is to procure our entire coffee volume responsibly in the future. ​

Uma cadeia de fornecimento mais eficaz

Junte-se a nós em nosso Ciclo de Vida da Sustentabilidade





End of life

Uma cadeia de fornecimento mais eficaz.

Junte-se a nós em nosso Ciclo de Vida da Sustentabilidade.





End of life

Crescendo com a gente.

Vamos expandir e acelerar a distribuição de novas variedades de alto rendimento para triplicar ou quadruplicar a produção. Nosso objetivo é diminuir a necessidade de mais terras agrícolas e incentivar a diversificação de safras e o reflorestamento. 

Foco nos agricultores

Oferecemos aos agricultores um treinamento personalizado, específico para suas necessidades locais. Mais de 76.000 agricultores receberam treinamento sobre as melhores práticas agrícolas desde 2010.


Desde 2010, mais de 30 milhões de plantas de alto rendimento foram distribuídas aos agricultores locais. Continuamos pesquisando novas variedades de café com potencial para aumentar significativamente a produtividade.

Saiba mais sobre como os melhores grãos vão parar em sua xícara.

Reciclagem na sua região

Caso não saiba, veja aqui como reciclar suas cápsulas usadas

From home with the green bag

At your nearest recycling point

Descubra nossos objetivos de sustentabilidade

Our promise for a more sustainable future is never ending.

Join us in giving our planet all the love it deserves.