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Simple Espresso Con Panna Recipe with 3 Ingredients

Espresso con panna is a delicious coffee treat that’s perfect for those indulgent coffee moments. If you enjoy rich and creamy coffee, this could be perfect for you. Though a typically short drink, you’re able to make it longer with more espresso. See how to make it here.

What is an espresso con panna?

An espresso con panna literally translates to ‘espresso with cream’. With this delicious coffee drink, you can enjoy thick cream on top of a roasted and aromatic espresso for a sweet flavour. It’s usually served in a short glass as it’s a pretty small drink.

Where does an espresso con panna come from?

Espresso con panna means ‘espresso with cream’ in Italian, so many people think that this sweet coffee drink comes from Italy. However, it can be traced back to Vienna in Austria, and some even say it even originated from Turkey or Germany!

Time: 5 minutes
Difficulty: Easy
Yield: 1 serving

How to make espresso con panna in 5 easy steps

Espresso con panna recipe ingredients


  1. Whip your cream with either an electric whisk or a hand whisk (and some elbow grease!) This will need to form stiff peaks but make sure to not over-whisk as then it won’t melt with the espresso.
    TIP: You’ll probably need to whisk more cream than you need, otherwise there won’t be enough liquid to stiffen it. Either make a cup for you and a friend or keep the remaining cream in the fridge
  2. Choose your favourite short cup and place it under your NESCAFÉ® Dolce Gusto® Pod Coffee Machine.
  3. Pop in your NESCAFÉ® Dolce Gusto® Espresso pod and see the delicious coffee pour. If you want a sweeter drink, now is the time to add sugar or honey.
    TIP: If you want a longer cup, have a double shot for a stronger coffee flavour!
  4. Spoon the cream on top of the coffee and look at those beautiful tones!
  5. Either drink the espresso through the cream to taste the strong coffee aromas or give it a stir for a creamy and milky coffee.

Can I make espresso con panna vegan?

Yes, you can make this espresso con panna recipe vegan! Simply swap the double cream with a vegan alternative. Coconut cream or cashew cream are great options that add a subtle nutty flavour.

What can I serve with an espresso con panna?

An espresso con panna is for those indulgent moments, so why not have a sweet treat alongside? For when guests come around, our coffee and walnut cake is a treat they’re bound to love – especially if they’re coffee lovers! For a savoury option, see our cheese scones recipe, which is perfect alongside an espresso con panna for an afternoon tea. If you’re looking to make an easy treat, our chocolate and coffee truffles are delicious and simple.


We hope you’ve enjoyed our simple and delicious espresso con panna recipe! Next, see how to make an iced coffee for another unique coffee recipe!

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