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5 Morning Coffees to Start Your Day!

Your first cup of coffee is the moment you need to kick start your morning. So, you’ll want to do this the right way. Whether you’re a milky coffee lover, a black coffee fanatic, or crave an iced coffee on those summer mornings, there’s a perfect cup for everyone.

We have a list of the best coffees to start your day below. Take a look…


1. Americano Morning Blends

A black coffee can be just the thing to kick-start your morning! Made with no milk, you’ll enjoy the intense flavour that’s sure to give you what to need to start your morning. You’ll be able to taste true coffee flavours with this no-fuss morning coffee option.


For a strong start to your day, our Americano New York Morning Blend is long cup of black coffee which is perfect if you like an intense coffee flavour and a true kick-start! For a less intense but equally as delicious black coffee, try our Americano Miami Morning Blend. This option is tropical and floral if you like a lighter morning coffee.


For a smoother and creamier Americano, a little bit of fresh milk can be added to any of these Americano options to make a White Americano. This hot drink is perfect for those who want a long cup to savour their morning coffee moment but still want the rich flavours of the black Americano to peak through.

2. Iced Americano

An Iced Americano is the same as our previous coffee – just iced! This black coffee is perfect for those hot summer mornings when you want to start your day off with a refreshing cup. Our top tip is to make this morning coffee with coffee ice cubes to avoid your drink being watered down.


Additionally, a splash of milk gives iced Americanos a fuller body and a creamier taste which is perfect for those who want a well-rounded morning coffee.


We have a recipe on how to make the best iced americano here – check it out!

3. Lungo Intenso

For those of us who have to rush out the door but also need their coffee kick, a Lungo Intenso is the perfect black coffee to start the day. If you’re looking for efficiency after you wake, this coffee is small to medium in volume so you can drink your morning coffee in just a few sips. The flavour of the Lungo Intenso is also stronger than a regular Lungo, so expect a bit more bite in your mornings!


Of course, you can always add a splash of milk or a milk alternative to this cup for a mellower start to your day.

4. Cappuccino

For a milky morning coffee, a Cappuccino is a great option because it’s equal parts espresso, milk and milk foam, making a balanced drink to start your day. The milk content in the cappuccino makes this drink a bit heavier, so it’s a great option to have with your breakfast in the morning. Not only will the great taste kick-start your morning but you’ll also have a full stomach to start your day off correctly.

5. Espresso

For a no fuss, no nonsense start to your day, an Espresso is one of the best morning coffees to choose from! An Espresso is a short black coffee, simply made from coffee beans and a small amount of water. If you’re in a rush to get out the door, a shot (or double shot!) of espresso might be just the thing you need. Not only will you get your caffeine kick but you’ll also be able to taste the delicious fruity notes and golden crema. What a perfectly simple way to start your day.



Finding your perfect morning coffee helps you to have the best start to your day. With a combination of efficiency and good taste, you’re bound to look forward to your next morning cup! Next, see our guide on the top types of coffee FAQs you should know the answers to as a coffee lover.


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