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7 Different Coffee Types: Flat White vs Latte & More!

Do you know the difference between your favourite coffee drinks? Knowing a flat white vs a cappuccino or a long black vs an Americano means that you’re able to make the drink you love perfectly every time. Or, you might be looking for something new and want to know what to expect. Either way, learn the different coffee types by using your handy list below!

Flat white vs cappuccino

The difference between a flat white and a cappuccino is that the latter is made up of one shot of espresso and equal parts steamed milk and milk froth. A flat white on the other hand has two shots of espresso and more steamed milk but no milk froth for a creamier drink. 

Flat white vs latte

So, what's the difference between a flat white and a latte? A latte is very milk forward, with 1/3 of it being espresso and 2/3 being steamed milk. A flat white, however, is still a milky coffee  but has a stronger coffee flavour due to the smaller ratio. 

Is a flat white the strongest coffee?

A flat white is one of the stronger milky coffees because of its ratio. Typically, there is 1 part espresso to 2 parts milk, making it coffee forward.

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Café au lait vs latte

A Café au lait is crafted using brewed coffee and steamed milk to create a silky smooth coffee with no foam. A Latte, however, is made with a shot of espresso and about 2/3 of steamed milk with a layer of delicious foam on top.

There is a higher coffee to milk ratio with Café au laits, meaning they have a stronger coffee flavour compared to the mellow latte.

Long black vs americano

A long black and Americano are very similar. Both are composed of water and espresso. The difference lies in the preparation. With an Americano, the hot water is poured on top of the espresso. With a Long black coffee, espresso is poured on top of hot water.

Cappuccino vs latte

A cappuccino has three distinct layers of espresso, foamed milk and steamed milk – all in equal parts. A latte has a higher milk to coffee ratio with 2/3 of the coffee drink being milk. Both are creamy and delicious milk-forward coffees but you won’t find foam on a latte.

Is a cappuccino more bitter than a latte?

Due to the higher coffee content in a cappuccino, this drink is more bitter than a latte. Lattes are sweeter thanks to the high volume of steamed milk.

Americano vs espresso

An espresso is a concentrated shot of pure coffee and is known for its intense coffee flavours. It has a delicious golden crema sitting on the surface of the shot. An Americano is similar – it’s an espresso with hot water poured on top of it. The result of this is a less bitter and less concentrated coffee flavour.

Is Americano stronger than espresso?

The main difference between espresso and Americano is the strength – the espresso is much stronger because it’s a higher concentration thanks to the extraction process.

Espresso vs coffee

The difference between espresso and coffee is…none! Espresso and coffee aren’t different things. An espresso is a concentrated form of coffee, made with the extraction of coffee beans using high water pressure. Dark roast beans are usually used for espresso to get that syrupy flavour and feel but you can use any coffee bean for it.


 We hope this guide on the different coffee types was helpful! There are so many differences between lattes and cappuccinos and your other favourite drinks. Next, see our guide on single origin coffees to brush up your knowledge.


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