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6 Milky Coffees You'll Love!

There are so many coffees out there, it can be hard to keep track of which ones you like! Milky coffees are perfect for those who love creamy coffee with a more mellow flavour than black coffee. We’ve listed a range of milky coffee drinks for you to try below – take a look!


It’s probably no surprise to you that a latte is number one on this list of milky coffee drinks! There is a high ratio of milk to coffee with this drink – it’s made up of about a 2oz espresso shot and 10oz of steamed milk. Because of the mellow coffee flavour, lattes are great to customise – many of us love flavoured syrups like caramel or peppermint in them. Our latte pods are the perfect long cup of milky coffee and aromatic coffee flavours 

Flat white

Flat whites are also made with steamed milk and espresso, just in different ratios and with some airy foam for a velvety drink. This is a short coffee so there is less of it than a latte. You will still get that deliciously milky mouthfeel but with a stronger coffee flavour! 


For a chocolatey coffee twist, a mocha is the perfect milky coffee. Made up of espresso, steamed milk and chocolate powder or sauce, you can really taste the coffee flavours with the sweetness of chocolate. It’s truly the perfect combination of hot chocolate and coffee, so if you can’t decide, you know which drink you can turn to.


Cortado literally translates to ‘cut’ – i.e., cutting the espresso with milk. It’s a deliciously milky coffee drink that has origins in Spain. Interestingly, this coffee is made with warm milk. It has a silky rather than foamy texture so you will enjoy that velvety mouthfeel.


Cappuccinos are a very popular milky coffee drink. They’re made up of equal parts espresso, steamed milk and frothy milk. You’ll notice the frothy milk sitting on top of the coffee for the foamy texture that we all love.

Café au Lait

Similar to the cortado, the café au lait originates in France. This drink is made up of equal parts roasted dark coffee and hot or warm steamed milk, rather than cold milk. Café au laits are deliciously creamy and you won’t find any foam on top of this drink.

What’s the most milky coffee?

The most milky coffee of the espresso and milk drinks is the latte! Made up of 1/3 espresso and 2/3 steamed milk, this milky coffee drink is creamy and delicious. Adding ice to your latte can also make it a refreshing summer coffee.

Can I make milky coffees vegan?

Yes! Milky coffees don’t have to include dairy to have that velvety or foamy feel we desire. Choose your favourite milk alternative, like oat or almond, and you can enjoy a milky coffee.  NESCAFÉ® Dolce Gusto® have also created a plant-based coffee pod collection which are perfect if you want a milky coffee without compromising on taste or body!


We hope our list on the most milky coffees was helpful! Of course, we all like to indulge in milky coffees for a relaxing coffee moment, so why not see our list of 30 coffee drinks from around the world next.



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