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30 Different Types of Coffee from Around the World Simply Explained

We all know how wonderful coffee tastes on its own. But who can resist the many delicious combinations coffee makes with cream, flavoured-syrups or milk? Explore with us 30 different types of coffee drinks from around the world, from delightful sweet and milky coffee drinks to heavy and rich combos, strong coffee mixes for much-needed caffeine kicks and delicious dessert-like coffees you’ll have on repeat. Discover some really awesome drinks and let coffee put a smile on your face with every single sip.

1. Latte

One shot of espresso, steamed milk and a little bit of foam at the top, just enough for incredible latte art, are a match made in heaven in this popular type of coffee. There is only a mild taste of espresso in this drink, which means you can add plenty of syrups and flavours without them being overpowered by the coffee’s aroma. This is the milky version of the cappuccino, featuring less intense flavours, ideal for first-time coffee drinkers. If this drink sounds perfect to you, try the tasty Dolce Gusto latte pods in our range for that delightful combination of quality coffee and smooth milk.

2. Cappuccino

Equal parts of espresso, steamed milk and foam is what makes the classic cappuccino a type of coffee that remains irresistible anywhere in the world. Compared to the delicious latte, the cappuccino delights its fans with more foam at the top and is usually accompanied by sprinklings of cinnamon or ground chocolate.  With this drink you can get both the creamy mouthfeel and the espresso aroma in equal parts. We’ve created a range of cappuccino pods that will give you the best of both worlds.

3. Macchiato

One shot of espresso with the tiniest bit of steamed milk on top is also known as Macchiato. The word means ‘stained’ in Italy, its home country, and that’s precisely what it looks like: an espresso deliciously stained with steamed milk.  This combo might remind you of Cappuccino, so if you love that drink, give this one a go too! Discover all the awesome flavours in our Macchiato coffee pods range, including yummy caramel.

4. Mocha

Combine the delicious cappuccino with the tantalising hot chocolate and you a heavenly type of coffee called Mocha. The layers of espresso, chocolate, steamed milk, plus the foam sprinkled with chocolate powder on top combine perfectly to create a drink that will spoil both coffee connoisseurs and chocolate fanatics.

5. Café au Lait

This elegant-sounding drink is actually very down to earth. It has equal parts coffee and scalded milk. Café au lait is simply French for ‘coffee with milk’ and its taste is very similar to a latte. Because the milk will make the taste of coffee less bold, it is another amazing type of coffee drink for beginners. Enjoy this drink from the comfort of your home with our café au lait pods.

6. Cortado

The Cortado is a Spanish coffee drink made by using equal parts espresso and warm milk. If Italian types of coffee use magnificent frothy milk, the Spanish versions tend to prefer simple milk to help dilute the acidity of the beans. Cortado literally means ‘cut’, an inspired name for a cup of coffee that draws its glorious taste from the splash of milk used to ‘cut’ the bold coffee flavour. Discover our Cortado pods for rich coffee drinks you’ll want to have again and again.

7. Flat White

Add more steamed milk on top of a cortado and you’ve got a Flat White, a favourite type of coffee drink especially in Australia and New Zealand. In coffee shops, the Flat White comes with a much velvetier finish thanks to the micro-foam being used – a type of finely-textured milk. We’ve achieved the same effect with our flat white coffee pods. Give them a go!

Or why not try the plant-based version of our flat white pods with lactose-free alternatives such as Almond, Coconut and Oat varieties?

8. Cold Brew

Coffee grounds slowly steeped in room-temperature water makes cold brew a standout among all the different types of coffee drinks. This is a refreshing drink, less bitter than most options and can be combined with cold milk and flavoured syrups. Discover the smooth cold brew coffee pods in our range and savour it whenever you want.

9. Iced Coffee

The iced coffee recipe is one of the simplest in the coffee canon: just add ice to a cup of black coffee. That’s it! If you like milk or syrups, throw those in as well for that extra flavour.

10. Frappe

The Frappe is a glorious iced coffee drink with whipped cream and flavoured syrups. The mix is shaken until it becomes frothy and is served in its signature tall glass. Frappes are usually made with coffee, including decaf. But there are popular versions out there made using tea and even hot chocolate.

11. Affogato

You’ll be excused if you’re not sure whether you’re having a dessert or a coffee drink when Affogato is on the table. This is quite a different type of coffee drink because it beautifully marries two of the most delicious things in the universe: coffee and ice cream. A shot of espresso is poured over a scoop of vanilla ice cream to create a mouth-watering treat. Re-create this amazing taste at home with our simple Affogato recipe.

12. Irish Coffee

Irish Coffee blurs the line between coffee drinks and cocktails. Made by combining espresso, Irish whiskey, cream and sugar, Irish coffee is served in the instantly recognisable toddy glasses with handles.

13. Turkish Coffee

Turkish coffee is a rich, thick drink made using unfiltered, powdery coffee and a pot on the stove named cezve. Milk and sugar are usually added directly in the pot as opposed to in the cup once coffee has been poured. You will recognise Turkish coffee immediately thanks to its thick foam at the top.

14. Raf

If sweet and milky is the way you like your coffee, this might be the perfect drink for you. Raf coffee is a wonderful mix of espresso, vanilla sugar and delicious splashes of cream. All the ingredients are steamed together to create a drink you might easily confuse for a vanilla smoothie. Add vanilla syrup if you want the vanilla hints to turn into the main aroma of this drink.

15. Café Viennois

This type of coffee drink is slightly on the sweeter side and can be easily recognised thanks to the enticing swirl of whipped cream at the top. The Vienna is a delightful combination of espresso and whipped cream. It’s a wonderful way to satisfy both your caffeine craving and your sugar tooth. Café Viennois is also known as The Con Panna or Café Vienne.


16. Decaf

Decaf coffee is made using coffee beans that have been processed by roasters to remove most of the caffeine. However, you should still expect the full flavour of coffee to kick in whenever you enjoy this drink. Convince yourself with our delicious decaf coffee pods.

17. Nitro

Coffee with a frothy, beer-like texture is what sets apart Nitro cold brews. Nitrogen bubbles are added to the mix to create the signature foamy look. They are infused into the classic cold brew using a pressure valve. This is another type of coffee drink that has low acidity, perfect for people exploring the world of coffee for the first time.

18. Breve

Breve is another super-creamy espresso-based drink that combines one shot of espresso with half milk and half heavy cream.

19. Café Cubano

This is another sweet espresso drink you’ll love instantly. This Cuban invention is a mouth-watering combination of espresso and sugar. One shot of espresso is sweetened with a thick sugary foam lovingly called espumita for a truly captivating coffee drink.

20. Black Coffee

This is the simplest coffee drink there is and it has become a cherished part of the morning routine for people all over the world. The classic black coffee is made from ground coffee beans soaked in water and served hot. The special thing about this type of coffee drink is that it doesn’t have any sugar, milk or extra flavourings. Just the awesome flavour of pure coffee offering you a nice caffeine jolt when you need it. Black coffee drinkers know the importance of high-quality beans because that’s all their favourite drink is about. This is why we selected only the very best for the black coffee pods in our range. There are no sweeteners or cream hijacking the real flavour of the beans. So, if you want to enjoy coffee at its purest, this is the drink for you.

21. Americano

A shot of espresso diluted with water is the secret behind the Americano flavour. So, if you’re not used to the strong taste of the espresso, this type of coffee drink allows you to taste the complex flavours of the beans while reducing their intensity. Give it a go with the intense Americano coffee pods in our range.

22. Espresso

The bold flavour of the espresso shot is born when coffee beans are finely ground and high-water pressure is applied to create a much more concentrated drink than black coffee. Espresso is the base for many different types of coffee drinks including cappuccinos, macchiatos and lattes, but it can also be drunk on its own. To unlock the full flavour of the coffee beans, our espresso coffee pods are best enjoyed in slow sips.

23. Doppio

Doppio is simply a highly-concentrated double espresso. The drink is iconic thanks to its simplicity: two shots of espresso and nothing else. This is a coffee with a distinctive strong and heavy flavour.

24. Red Eye

Red eye is the ultimate energising combo: a shot of espresso is added to a full cup of coffee for that extra caffeine boost. Red eye drinks are basically coffee mixed with more coffee making one of the strongest drinks on our list. When needed, you can go even stronger than that by adding two or three shots of espresso.

25. Espresso Romano

If you want to try a different type of coffee drink, make the Espresso Romano top of the list. It’s an aromatic combo including a shot of espresso, lemon slices and sugar. It might seem an unusual mix at first, but the citrus in the lemon balances out the bitterness of the espresso to create a heavenly Italian concoction you’ll adore.

26. Long Black

The Long Black is Americano’s close sibling. It’s made by adding a shot of espresso to the hot water in the cup for a much creamier and stronger drink than the Americano. The amount of water is usually smaller than what is required for an Americano, meaning that you will taste the coffee’s aroma much more intensely. Or, you can make it yourself at home by simply using our special Lungo coffee pods bundle.

27. Vietnamese Coffee

Fans of intense, rich coffee drinks will love the Vietnamese Coffee combo. It is brewed extremely slowly in a small metal cup called a phin and cut with sweetened condensed milk. The Vietnamese Coffee is a sweet and milky treat that lets the aroma of the coffee beans shine through.

28. Bulletproof Coffee

Bulletproof coffee looks just like a latte, but its creamy look and taste isn’t down to milk. It combines coffee, butter and oil to create a foamy, low-carb, high-calories drink. This is definitely on the heavy and rich side of coffee types. Many keto diet fans love it, although due to the amount of fats included in a cup, it’s not a drink for everyone.

29. Iced Espresso

Another brilliant way to enjoy your espresso is by adding ice to it. Perfect for hot summer days and so easy to make, this is a drink you will wish you tried earlier. Milk, sugar and flavoured-syrups make a wonderful combination with the iced espresso, so don’t hesitate to customise this drink and make it your own.

30. Black Eye

Add two shots of espresso into your cup of coffee and you’ve got a strong, delicious drink also known as Black Eye. If you’re after a solid caffeine kick, this is definitely the drink for the job. There is an even stronger version of this type of coffee drink called Dead Eye. It takes a Black Eye and adds another shot of espresso on top!


Now that you know all the wonderful ways in which coffee can be enjoy, explore the world of coffee even further as we break down how coffee gets to you to brighten up every morning.


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