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12 Great Gifts for Coffee Lovers

For coffee lovers, nothing is better than a freshly brewed cup of coffee - the smell alone is exciting! From milky lattes to bold americanos, we know that a delicious cup of coffee is the way to someone’s heart.


If you’ve got a coffee-crazed loved one who is due a present, a coffee related gift is the way to go. Whether your coffee-loving gift recipient is a newbie or an aficionado, we’ve got the perfect gift for them listed below. Simply read on for all of our coffee-themed gift ideas so you can effectively surprise the loved ones in your life.

Coffee themed gifts: coffee making equipment and accessories

Coffee equipment is a must for a coffee lover, especially those who love to make their own barista-style coffee at home. Check out some of these coffee equipment and accessories gift options:

Pod machines

Your coffee-loving loved one may enjoy coffee, but not the hassle. With traditional coffee machines, a lot of different components are required. However, a pod machine takes out the need for multiple pieces of equipment and just requires a pod and water. Your gift recipient can still get their beloved barista-style coffee, in a range of different pod flavours, and made a lot quicker and easier!

Coffee pod bundle gift set

Your coffee lover is bound to have a favourite flavour of coffee, so why not buy it for them in bulk with a coffee pod bundle! From delicious espresso to a smooth flat white, you can gift them something you know they’ll love. And thanks to you, they won’t be running out for a while!

Coffee pod holder

So, if you already know that your hassle-free coffee lover has a pod machine, you could get them somewhere to store all of their delicious pods. These coffee pod holders can come in jars or racks and display their coffee pods nice and tidily.

Flavoured syrup gift set

Some coffee fiends love an extra bit of flavour in their cup. Most people stick to vanilla and caramel, but there’s a world of different flavours out there! From peppermint to cinnamon, a coffee syrup gift set is the perfect coffee-themed gift for those who want to explore different flavours.


No one wants the dreaded cup ring on their coffee table. Coasters are a great gift idea as they can be picked to fit in with their home décor (which also makes them the perfect house-warming gift). For fun coffee coasters, you can also personalise them! As there’s such a vast range, you have many styles to choose from. We should also mention that these are a great budget-friendly coffee related gift.

Coffee spoons

Your coffee lover might be that friend or relative that’s always hosting gatherings at their home. If this is the case, you know they’re always going to offer you a tea or coffee. You can help them jazz up their hosting cutlery with coffee spoons! These spoons sit alongside the coffee cup when they’re presented to guests, just in case someone wants a little extra sugar. Getting them a set of these coffee spoons is bound to level-up their hosting game.

Are mugs a good coffee related gift?

You might think mugs are a boring gift, but we would like to think otherwise. There are so many styles to choose from! Not to mention, they can be very affordable too.

Travel mugs

Delicious coffee shop quality coffee on the go is every coffee lover’s dream. You can fulfil this dream for a loved one by gifting them a travel mug! The best travel mugs are insulated to keep the coffee at the perfect temperature and come with a sippy lid. Of course, they come in a range of different colours and styles, so you can choose whichever design suits their personality best. And because they’re reusable, you know your loved one is going to use it time and time again.

Anti-spill coffee mug

There’s always that one loved one who spills coffee everywhere. Whether it’s knocking it off the kitchen counter or spilling it down themselves in the car, they will want (or need!) an anti-spill mug. These usually come in a non-smashable material and a lid that is designed to stay on tight.

A personalised mug

This one is obvious, but effective! Putting a picture or a message on a ceramic mug is a coffee themed gift that will make anyone smile. Plus, a coffee-lover is likely to use it every day, so it will be well-loved.


Pro tip: if you’re gifting a mug, it’s a great idea to stuff it with other treats. This could include

  1. Marshmallows (which can be made vegan!)
  2. Sugar cubes
  3. Their favourite coffee pods
  4. Small chocolates
  5. Homemade chocolate coffee truffles (see below)

Ceramic mug and saucer

For those fancy friends, a set of cups and saucers is the perfect gift. If they like to enjoy a cup of coffee from the comfort of their sofa, a set that matches their home décor could be a great idea.

Homemade coffee gift ideas

If you’d rather make something a little more personal, it could be time to put that elbow grease to work with a homemade coffee-themed gift. Here are a couple of fun homemade coffee gift recipes:

Chocolate coffee truffles

Truffles sound super fancy, but they’re actually easy to make in 8 easy steps! Our chocolate coffee truffles recipe uses an espresso pod to give it that coffee kick. Just pop them in a gift box (or a mug, as we mentioned earlier) and they’re good to go! Make sure you check out how to make this sweet treat for your loved one.

Affogato (ice cream)

If you’re looking to make a homemade coffee themed dessert with minimal fuss, our Affogato recipe is perfect for you. Now, it’s ice cream and it does melt so we suggest serving it immediately. It’s great homemade coffee gift for a coffee lover who lives with you!

We hope you’ve enjoyed our article on gifts for coffee lovers and found the perfect gift for your loved one. Next, why not brush up on your coffee making skills by finding out how to make an iced coffee!

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