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The Best Coffee Gifts for Men: 9 Unique Ideas They Will Absolutely Love

Choosing the right gift for men can be really hard. Luckily, if they’re a coffee lover, you have quite a few good gifts to choose from. Whether they’re after a coffee machine, or you want to make something handmade, we’re here to help. Here are the best coffee gifts for men. Read on!


1. Coffee machines

Now, it seems obvious but a pod coffee machine is a great gift. Whether it’s for the home or the office, pod machines are super-efficient and easy to use. It’s also a gift that’s bound to be well loved! Pod machines come in a range of colours, so you can choose which ever suits their personality (or décor) best. Not to mention, a compact pod machine won’t take up too much room and is easy to install, set up and maintain!

From the stylish NESCAFÉ® Dolce Gusto® Piccolo XS to the compact and seamless Genio S Automatic, there are so many coffee machines to choose from that are the perfect coffee gift for him.

Okay, we hear you – they already have a pod machine! So, what other coffee gifts for him can you grab instead? We’ve got a few pod machine accessories they’re bound to love.

2. A gift set made up of a coffee holder and coffee pods

You can get some really stylish coffee pod holders to pair with their coffee machine. These come in so many different styles and can be a display piece, or hidden away and organised. If you really want to push the boat out, adding coffee pods to this makes a great coffee gift set for him.

3. A pod coffee machine cleaning set

We know cleaning a coffee machine is a job we usually put on the end of our list, but you can make sure it’s a priority for him by supplying the cleaning goods! Simply buy the water descaler, some microfibre clothes, and a towel and place them in a decorated gift box. They can easily find how to clean their machine in their pod coffee machine manual or by reading our descaling article – you can even print this out if you’re feeling fancy!

Doing this cleaning process will make sure their coffee always tastes best, making this the perfect practical gift!

4. Coffee Bundles

The coffee-loving man in your life definitely has a favourite coffee type or two, which makes a coffee gift set for him a great idea. A coffee pod bundle is great as it stocks them up on their favourites! Whether they’re traditional and love an Americano, or prefer the lighter side with a Flat White, there’s truly a pod for everyone.

If they love other hot drinks alongside a coffee, or you want to introduce them to something new, you could also explore our unique Chococino bundle!

Whatever you choose, wrap these up in wrapping paper and wait to see their excitement as they tear it open!

5. Homemade coffee treats for him

We suggest our coffee chocolate truffles for a special occasion! They might sound daunting, but don’t worry, they’re actually really simple to make in just 8 steps. This coffee recipe includes espresso pods for that coffee kick that they love. Serve these on a fancy plate or display them in a box and he’ll be over the moon.

6. A Coffee Subscription

A coffee subscription will make his day! You can get different types of coffee sent straight to his door. Either pay for this monthly or yearly and watch them enjoy trying a range of coffees. This can include their favourites, or can open them up to the big world of coffee by experiencing flavours from different places around the globe. You never know, you could introduce them to their new favourite flavour!

We’ve covered the major coffee gifts for him, but there are some other gifts you could nab. We’ve got a few suggestions below:

7. Coffee-related wall art

Whether this is a unique painting of coffee, an abstract wall piece, or a picture guide to the different types of coffee out there, coffee-inspired wall art is a great gift for those who have moved house, have an office space, or even their own home coffee bar!

8. Travel mug

Coffee on the go is a must for everyone, including the working man! If you know that the coffee-loving recipient loves a fresh coffee on the way to work, a travel mug is a great option. We suggest looking for an insulated travel mug, so their coffee stays nice and hot and a non-spill lid to prevent any accidents. Of course, travel mugs come in so many styles so you can choose which ever style suits them best.

9. Ceramic Mugs

This might not seem unique but you can really elevate a gift mug! They can easily be personalised - put your favourite quote or a funny picture on the side and you have a fun, personalised gift!

To spruce this gift up a little bit, you can pop some fun mini presents in the cup! We suggest:

  1. Their favourite chocolates or sweet treat
  2. A pair of thick socks
  3. Coffee pods
  4. A keychain

Wrap the whole thing up in cellophane and you’re good to go! We think this is a great coffee gift for men as they’ll get a lot of use out of the mug, especially if they’re passionate about their coffee.

We hope you’ve enjoyed our article on coffee gifts for men! If you’re looking for even more inspiration, we have an article on the best coffee gifts for coffee lovers. Check this out, next!

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