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8 Unique Coffee Gifts for Her

Finding the perfect gift can be a struggle…unless your recipient loves coffee! If you want to make the coffee-loving lady in your life feel super special, our list of coffee gifts for women are bound to do the trick. Whether it’s a birthday, Mother’s Day or an anniversary, we’ve got a range of coffee gift ideas for her to inspire you below – take a look!

1. A handy temperature control mug

Technology is advancing in the best ways for coffee lovers. If the coffee-loving lady in your life hates when their coffee is getting cold, a great coffee idea for her is a temperature control mug. This way, their favourite cup of coffee – whether it’s a latte macchiato or an americano, will never get cold. And, with certain models, they can even choose a specific temperature for the perfect coffee at home, every time.

2. A delicious coffee pod bundle

Whether she has a favourite coffee pod or you know that she wants to try more flavours, a coffee pod bundle is a great coffee gift for her. From the indulgent Latte Macchiato to our delicious Espresso Intenso, you can broaden her horizons or simply indulge her desires with this coffee gift for her. Wrap the boxes up in wrapping paper and wait to see the joy on her face.

3. A sleek and stylish coffee pod machine

For quick and easy coffee at home, coffee pod machines are a winner. If you know that your coffee lover loves coffee but hates waiting around, a pod machine is a convenient gift for them. They can easily pop a coffee pod in and push a button whilst they get ready for work.

Of course, the machines make delicious coffees to relax with as well. So, if they like to curl up on the sofa with a Vanilla Macchiato, they can do so easily.

Not to mention, our range of pod machines have so many styles to choose from. We love a sleek and stylish Genio S Plus machine as it will allow them to be a barista at home! She will enjoy the temperature control and espresso boost features for more control over their coffee. The Genio S Touch is also perfect for those who’d love a touch screen for their modern kitchen. 

4. Coffee coasters to avoid mess

A cup ring can be really annoying when you’re just trying to enjoy a cappuccino. Coasters help to avoid this so she can enjoy her coffees in peace. Coasters are a great gift as they come in a range of styles. If she has an artistic side, consider getting hand-painted ones. On the other hand, if she’s a minimalist, a simple ceramic coaster will do the trick. This coffee gift for her can also be inexpensive for those of us on a budget but is, nonetheless, a sweet and thoughtful gift.

5. Cute coffee table books

If your coffee lover loves coffee, home décor and books – you’ve hit the jackpot! What better gift than a coffee table book? These books can be super stylish to fit their home décor – whether their home is minimalistic or colourful. They can also be informational for the coffee nerd who loves to learn about single coffee origins or different coffees from around the world. The options are endless and can be beautifully personal!

6. Travel mugs for the lady on the go

A travel mug is a great option for busybodies! For ladies on their way to work, a travel mug is a convenient gift they’re bound to use daily. Travel mugs can be insulated, to ensure their coffee doesn’t get cold. They’re also non-spill! When she’s rushing around, she’s less likely to make a mess with a non-spill travel mug. This coffee gift for her is useful, thoughtful and comes in an infinite number of designs.

7. Homemade coffee treats!

Who doesn’t love a homemade treat? We’re sure your coffee-loving lady will! Not only do we have a chocolate and truffle coffee recipe for you to make, we also have delicious savoury pastry recipes which taste delicious with milky coffees. See our Cheese Scone recipe, which pairs perfectly with our Flat White pods. These two would be a fabulous pair to gift together.

8. Coffee scrubs for self-care

If your coffee lover enjoys a bit of TLC, and the smell of coffee (which we’re sure they do), a coffee scrub set can make them feel great. Your coffee lover deserves to feel (and smell) delicious, so why not consider a coffee scrub gift set for their self-care days? It’s also a unique gift that they might not expect!


We hope our list on coffee gifts for women was inspiring and helpful. We also have a list of more gifts for coffee lovers and a list of coffee gifts for men! There’s truly a coffee gift for everyone so make sure to take a look.


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