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What is Coffee Machine Bar Pressure? Our Guide!

Coffee machine bar pressure is a term you’ve probably heard around the coffee space. But what does it actually mean?


We’ve got a guide on what bar pressure is and how the NESCAFÉ® Dolce Gusto® pod machine bar pressure ensures you always have a great coffee. Read on!


What is bar pressure in coffee machines?

Bar pressure means barometric pressure. In coffee machines, this refers to the amount of atmospheric pressure that’s pushed onto the coffee. This pressure is enacted through the exertion of water onto the coffee for a beautifully brewed coffee.

What is the NESCAFÉ® Dolce Gusto® coffee machine bar pressure?

NESCAFÉ® Dolce Gusto® coffee machines are proud to boast a 15 pump bar pressure. This is the maximum pressure that can be applied during coffee brewing. Our machines are specifically designed to replicate the bar pressure found on espresso machines for a perfect coffee extraction.


So, when you’re making your favourite coffee, the coffee within the pod is being extracted to its maximum capacity and you’re able to taste coffee shop-style coffee from the comfort of your home. Simply pop in your favourite coffee pods and watch the goodness be extracted.

Do all NESCAFÉ® Dolce Gusto® coffee machines have a 15 pump bar pressure?

Yes! All of our pod machines have a great 15 pump bar pressure so you’re getting the best cup of coffee, every time.


Some of our machines have additional features for a true coffee shop-style coffee. Our NESCAFÉ® Dolce Gusto® Genio S Plus coffee machine has an espresso boost feature that pre-wets the coffee for a more intense extraction when you want it. Simply press the button and you’ve got a gorgeously rich espresso flavour.

How does this compare to bar pressure on other coffee machines?

To make a true espresso from a pod machine, the machine needs a minimum of 8 bar pressure. This is something to keep in mind when searching for a pod coffee machine as some may not extract at the right pressure, which could lead to a weaker tasting coffee.


We hope this guide on coffee machine bar pressure was helpful! To get great tasting coffee every time, explore our machine descaling guide here.


Still undecided on finding your perfect machine? Discover our coffee pod machine comparison guide next. And, for more information on other coffee machine terms, see our article!

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