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A true classic and an undeniable icon, a great Cappuccino is high on the list for coffee enthusiasts. The deep taste of espresso, combined with velvety foam and textured milk, make this drink a great pleasure time and time again, whatever the occasion.


The balance of dark roasted coffee, milk, and a touch of sugar means there’s nothing you need to add to this great little Cappuccino coffee pod. Less milky than a latte and more easy-going than an espresso, the smooth texture of a Cappuccino is something you simply can’t forget once you’ve tried it.


The ideal Cappuccino is sophisticated but laid-back, easy to drink, and just the right temperature to sustain its unforgettable flavours. This makes it a staple of any enthusiast’s NESCAFÉ® Dolce Gusto® pod collection, popular with friends and family and absolutely ideal for kicking back and relaxing when you need a break.


If you love it when your coffee looks the part take a look at our striking funky Cappuccino cups, specially designed to make the most of your Cappuccino coffee pods.


Each box contains 16 Cappuccino coffee pods designed for NESCAFÉ® Dolce Gusto® pod machines and allows you to prepare 8 cups of your favourite drink.



The fresh taste of coffee is preserved in our hermetically sealed coffee pods, for a rich and aromatic cup every time.



Simply slide your Cappuccino coffee pod into your NESCAFÉ® Dolce Gusto® machine to have this delicious drink within minutes.



And Now you don’t need a barista in your kitchen to enjoy it a Cappuccino every day, as thanks to the maximum 15-bar pump pressure in your NESCAFÉ® Dolce Gusto® machine. That coffee shop taste is always within reach.



Take your pick from over 50 high quality coffee creations: choose from our range of intense espressos, aromatic Americanos, even hot chocolate, teas, and many more.

Roast and Ground Coffee and Whole Milk Powder with Sugar


8 black capsules x 8g and 8 white capsules x 17g = 200g


Nutrition InformationUnitPer 100g
as sold
Per 100mlPer serving% RI*
of which: saturatesg11.61.02.312%
of which: sugarsg33.73.58.49%

*Reference Intake of an average adult (8400 kJ/2000 kcal).




White Capsule (17g):

Whole Milk Powder, Sugar (17%), Emulsifier (Soya Lecithin).


Black Capsule (8g):

Roast and Ground Coffee.


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Must have

This is my go-to pod for the morning. Everything in harmony - coffee, milk, sweetness. I don’t take sugar in anything else and don’t even put it on Weetabix, but the mix in this coffee is just right. I spoil myself & have two on a weekend. I probably would have more if there was a decaf version (I limit my caffeine to two drinks per day, drinking decaf coffee & tea thereafter). PLEASE make a decaf version. And, to all those who say £4.00 is too expensive for 8 drinks, don’t you realise it makes it only 50p per cup? I’m not sure you can get any drink for that price nowadays. Simply have them as a treat once a day, or just on a week-end, to make them go further. I was never a coffee drinker but I can’t be without them now and reach for them before a cup of tea - unbelievable!

Review by Kaz (Posted on 28/06/2021)

I have been ordering via Dolce since 2014 and they used to sell a straight cappuccino - NOT SKINNY OR EXTRA CREMOSA which was a great taste. They do not seem to sell the straight cappuccino anymore , just skinny or extra cremosa. I love the great foam it creates but extra cremosa very sweet and skinny tastes like water. SHAME

Review by CAROL (Posted on 13/02/2021)
Best Dolce Gusto coffee

For me the cappuccino is the best out of all the Dolce Gusto coffees. Perfect sweetness and wonderfully creamy. Also tastes great with a teaspoon of real cacao powder mixed in.

Review by Simone (Posted on 23/01/2021)
A staple every morning

The title says it all. This drink is a sample in our kitchen, my husband loves it. The taste is delicate, but you still can feel the hint of coffee. The foam is superb! Honestly, this feels like a cappuccino from a coffee shop, but without the hassle of going out of your home.

Review by Alessia (Posted on 27/12/2020)
Frothy coffee

Love my morning capaccinos sets me up for the day. I always start my day with my favourite morning cuppa to brighten my day. Rich smooth creamy taste

Review by Madeline (Posted on 06/12/2020)
My favourite

I'm not a coffee connoisseur but I do believe this compares to any coffee shop cappuccino. A real treat to be able to prepare at home.

Review by Caroline (Posted on 07/05/2020)

Amazing flavour

Review by Mariana (Posted on 27/03/2020)
Good blend of coffee and sweetness

A good coffee hit with a hint of sweetness. These pods came with my machine, but I'd definitely buy them again.

Review by Becky (Posted on 08/02/2020)

X16 = 8 DRINKS

Review by Townsend (Posted on 04/12/2019)
Dolce Gusto

Every Nescafé Dolce Gusto drink uses either one or two capsules. Black coffees like Lungo or Espresso require one capsule. Milky drinks like Cappuccino require two capsules. Although there are 16 capsules in this pack, 8 are coffee & 8 are milk. The breakdown of capsules can be found on the bottom right hand corner of the box, as seen on the product page. The number of servings can also be found unnder the product name on the product page.

(Answered on 04/12/2019)
Far too sweet

So disappointed with the amount of sugar in the drinks, why on earth wouldn’t you give people the option of adding their own if required? Wish I had realised before buying my machine, total waste of money for someone who doesn’t like whole milk and sugar.

Review by Claire (Posted on 29/10/2019)

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