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Jovia Manual Coffee Machines

With its outstanding design and great coffee-making abilities, you’ll wonder how you did without the Jovia in your life.

This manual coffee machine is eligible for £20 web credit vouchers on our webshop.
*Offer ends 31/05/18. Subject to validation. Terms and conditions apply. Learn more here.

  • Jovia White Coffee Machine by DeLonghi

    Jovia White by De'Longhi

  • Jovia Black Coffee Machine by DeLonghi

    Jovia Black by De'Longhi

  • Jovia Red Coffee Machine by DeLonghi

    Jovia Red by De'Longhi


Easy to use, clean and maintain, the Jovia makes coffee-shop quality drinks in no time at all. Choose the pod you want, slot it in, and craft your favourite drink – no mess, no fuss. Its modern design lends an automatic touch of chic to any kitchen, and with a range of great pods at your fingertips, you’ll never run out of options.