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Upgrade your Morning with Nescafe
Upgrade your Morning with Nescafe

Because coffee


At Dolce Gusto, we're passionate about creating coffee pods which bring the iconic flavour you know and love, whilst also trying to look after the environment. When you return your used coffee pod packaging to us, we'll upcycle it and turn it into something amazing. Think beautiful garden benches for lounging away summer days with a refreshing iced cappuccino in hand or plastic fencing for bordering your prized vegetable garden.

Want to find out how to get started with your Dolce Gusto pods recycling? Keep reading to find out more.

We'll add 2 free recycling bags to your next webshop order so you have everything you need to get started.

How to recycle Dolce Gusto pods



Step 1: Fill your pink bag

Firstly, drain your coffee pods, then take your free pink recycling bag and fill with your used coffee pods to the dotted line.



Step 2: Seal your bag

Our bags are easy to seal with the grip and adhesive strips at the top of the bag.



Step 3: Download and print label

Download and print your shipping label online and print at home or in your nearest CollectPlus store.




Step 4: Drop-off your bag

Locate your nearest Collectplus store and drop your pods off. Recycling Dolce Gusto pods is as easy as that!



Recycle Dolce Gusto coffee pods with CollectPlus

The current materials used to make our coffee pods are designed protect the fresh taste of our high-quality coffee, by preserving all the complex aromas and flavours, so you can enjoy your perfect NDG cup. However, this also means they currently can't be recycled at kerbside.

But that doesn't mean you just have to throw them away! We've partnered with CollectPlus to recycle Dolce Gusto coffee pods easily. This convenient way to send parcels allows you to return your coffee pods to us via local shops, petrol stations, universities and shopping centres – then we'll do the recycling for you.

Pods Turn Into...


With our upcycling scheme, we can turn your recyclable coffee pods into useful new things. We'll take your NESCAFÉ® Dolce Gusto® pods and create wonderful new items to be enjoyed for years to come, such as garden seating, plastic boards used in fences, plastic decking and even composting crates.

View the full Nestlé sustainability policy

Recyclable coffee pods FAQS

We've made it as simple as possible to recycle your coffee pods, but if you're confused about our Dolce Gusto pods recycling service or would just like some more information, check out our FAQS.

General coffee pod recycling FAQs

How are the coffee pods recycled?

The coffee pods we collect contain both coffee grounds and plastics, so the first step is to separate them. The plastic goes on to be given a new lease of life, becoming items such as park benches and planters; the coffee is repurposed to produce fertiliser and biogas. Then, biogas is combusted to generate electricity and heat. We keep developing new uses with our partners so watch this space.

Can the coffee pods go in kerbside recycling?

No, neither the Dolce Gusto pink recycling bags or the coffee pods can currently be recycled at kerbside.

What is the composition of coffee pods?

The coffee pods are made of plastic, with a small amount of aluminium.

Why are you still using plastic when other biodegradable materials are available?

Our current materials allow our coffee pods to protect the fresh taste of our high-quality coffee by preserving all the complex aromas and flavours, so you can enjoy your perfect NDG cup. The make-up of these materials also allows for a robustness that works with our up to 15 bar pump pressure system and delivers high quality coffee, every time.

What are your coffee pod recycling goals for the future?

We hope to get a high uptake amongst webshop users and, together with other recycling services, aim to meet our Nestlé commitment of zero waste to landfill and that all of our packaging is recyclable or reusable by 2025.

How do I send my coffee pods back for recycling?

We collect coffee pods sold through our webshop platform. Just use the pink recycling bags delivered with your order, then follow our step by step guide on how to recycle Dolce Gusto pods.

Why are some of our pods changing colour from black to brown?

Since September 2019, NESCAFÉ® Dolce Gusto® has been progressively changing the colour of the plastic used for our roast & ground coffee pods from black to brown. We are making this change to improve the recyclability of our pods where facilities exist. The colour change makes it easier for recycling facilities across Europe to sort pod materials accurately, helping to ensure all pods eligible for recycling are recycled.

Did you know NESCAFÉ® Dolce Gusto® is also working with packaging material suppliers to develop plastics made from responsibly managed and renewable resources. We are working to make our pods lighter to reduce the overall amount of materials used. With the support of Nestlé's new Institute of Packaging Sciences, we are investigating and evaluating various non-plastic material alternatives for our coffee pods.

Nescafe Dolce Gusto coffee pod recycling bags

How do I get a recycling bag?

2 bags will be automatically added to your webshop order when you order any coffee pods.

I don't have a printer. How do I get my label?

No problem! You can download a mobile barcode from the CollectPlus website. Simply go to your nearest CollectPlus store with your mobile barcode, and your label will be printed for you.

How many coffee pods fit in a bag (how many boxes does that equate to)?

Up to 50 coffee pods fits in one of our recycling bags which equates to 3-4 standard 16 pod boxes.

How do I fill the recycling bag?

It's easy to fill our pink recycling bags with your used Nescafé Dolce Gusto coffee pods. Simply drain them first, then fill the bag up to the dotted line to prevent overflowing or breaking.

Are the bags recyclable?

Yes, all plastic bags returned with your used coffee pods will be fully recovered.

Collect Plus

I don't have a CollectPlus point near me, can I send my used coffee pods to you?

Unfortunately, we can only pick up your used coffee pods via CollectPlus points at this time. If you're not sure where your nearest one is, please go to: www.collectplus.co.uk/nescafedolcegusto to find your nearest drop-off point.