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Coffee Pod Recycling Bags FAQs
I've noticed the recycling bag I receive via webshop has changed. Can I still use my existing pink NESCAFÉ Dolce Gusto recycling bag?
Yes, you can still use any pink NESCAFÉ Dolce Gusto recycling bags you may have on hand to recycle your pods for Drop off. In April 2021, we transitioned to a new recycling bag that has a new colour and design. Compared to the previous bag, we have improved the materials, seals, and artwork to minimize likelihood of bag leakage. Both bags fit 45 used pods that should be drained ahead of placing them in the recycling bag.
Where could I get recycling bags for use with Drop off?​
Drop off recycling bags are currently available free with the purchase of pods from the NESCAFÉ Dolce Gusto webshop. From Summer 2021, recycling bags will become available from retailers. For kerbside recycling bags, if your area is eligible, your local authority will delivery the relevant recycling bags to your home.​
Can I use other/generic bags to return my used pods?
Used pods will only be accepted in designated Podback bags, whether that be at a drop off point, or kerbside collection.
Are the bags recycled as part of the reycling process?
The current recycling bags are not recycled as part of the recycling process due to their contact with liquids, labels and wider materials. The bags are recovered however and used to create energy and we are looking at ways to recycle these in the future.