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Kerbside Collection Recycling FAQs
I use 2 different branded pods; can they go in the same recycling bag?
You can put any Podback-participating brand’s pods in the appropriate bag. The teal-coloured bag marked P is for plastic coffee pods or the white bag marked A is for aluminium coffee pods. If you use both aluminium and plastic pods you cannot put them in the same bag, you will need to use separate bags. This is so they can be sent to the correct reprocessing facility.
Can NESCAFÉ Dolce Gusto pods go in kerbside collection recycling today?
Outer packaging can, but neither NESCAFÉ Dolce Gusto pods or recycling bags can currently be recycled in regular kerbside collection bins. In some local authorities, you can recycle your pods with Podback via the service's Kerbside scheme. For more infomation, complete the recycling checker on this page.
How do I get hold of recycling bags for kerbside collection?
The bags for kerbside collection are available through the recycle checker above or podback.org. If this service is availabe in your area you will need to register in order to get the bags. You will then be sent a roll of bags for recycling your plastic coffee pods.
Where and when should I put my bags out for collection?
Please review the guidance provided in the by your council and on their website. Each council’s services are run slightly differently and your collection day may differ from another council.
I have finished my supply of kerbside collection bags; how can I get more?
My local council is not in your list for kerbside collection - when will they be able to do so?
We are in positive discussions with several local authorities, and hope to have more operational soon. The set up and roll out of kerbside collections will take time so in the meantime please use our Drop Off collection service.
Do I need to remove the used coffee grounds before putting them into the collection bag?
No, the coffee grounds are removed from the pods at the reprocessor. The coffee is then used as a soil improver and to create renewable energy. Please drain any remaining liquid from your used pod before adding it to your recycling bag.
What happens if I live in a flat?
Please review the guidance provided provided by your local council and on their website. Each council’s services are run slightly differently.
Can I use the Collect+ bags for kerbside collection as well?
No. You must use the bags designed for the collection route.