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Café au Lait Intenso

Number of servings 16

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Discover NESCAFÉ® Dolce Gusto® Café au Lait Intenso, for a bold and creamy coffee break in only one capsule.


Enjoy its bold coffee flavour, reminding of freshly roasted beans, expertly tempered by the softness of milk, for a creamy tasting yet, intense coffee experience.


Our coffee creators have expertly blended South Asian Robusta with the right hint of whole milk for an intense and velvety coffee, in one convenient capsule.


The box contains 16 capsules of NESCAFÉ® Dolce Gusto® Cafe au Lait Intenso, designed for NESCAFÉ ® Dolce Gusto® capsule coffee machines

Whole Milk Powder with Soluble Coffee


16 brown capsules x 10g = 160g


Nutrition InformationUnitPer 100g
as sold
Per 100mlPer serving% RI*
Energy kJ 1428 81 142  
Energy kcal 341 19 34 2%
Fat g 11.9 0.7 1.2 2%
of which: saturates g 6.8 0.4 0.7 3%
Carbohydrate g 37.2 2.1 3.7 1%
of which: sugars g 37.2 2.1 3.7 4%
Fibre g 11.9 0.7 1.2 -
Protein g 14.3 0.8 1.4 4%
Salt g 0.65 0.04 0.07 1%

*Reference Intake of an average adult (8400 kJ/2000 kcal).




Whole milk powder (43,6%), soluble cofee (35%), sugar (20%), stabilisers (potassium phosphates and sodium citrates), emulsifier (soya lecithin).


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Now undrinkable

Well done Nescafe for making this undrinkable, with the addition of lots of sugar. Why don't you read the reviews on this website? It is abundantly clear, that the 'New Recipie' is a very large failure. Still, sugar is cheaper than coffee, isn't it, so I suppose that is more important to your accountants. Just to be clear, this is no longer drinkable, or suitable for diabetics. You should be ashamed.

Review by Jamie (Posted on 14/04/2021)
Too Sweet

Was looking forward to a nice strong coffee (normally have Ristretta Barista) but all i can taste with this is the sugar which is not shown on the box until you dill down into the small details

Review by Anthony (Posted on 31/03/2021)
My favourite, delicious

Reading some other reviews and was surprised that they are quite negative. This is my favourite coffee from all Dolce Gusto range. Intense and not sweet at all to my taste. I have even few friends who just love it and if they can choose to have coffee at my house(Dolce Au Lait Intenso) or coffee shop, they always choose my house.

Review by Elina (Posted on 28/02/2021)
Tastes like pig swill

Disgusting taste that is bad cheap instant coffee.

Review by Kevin (Posted on 12/02/2021)
My best drink has been ruined

Intenso is not well stocked in supermarkets I used to enjoy this but the change of recipe most ends up down the sink

Review by Fiona (Posted on 06/02/2021)
new receipe FAIL!

cafe au lait intenso been my favourite from all dolce gusto pods, but Nescafe management had idea to save the money and rebuild the recipe (proper coffee been replaced with instant low quality one) and they made their best to taste close as possible to original recipe but for my taste, this pods now are DISGUSTING!! Man who made this decision suppose to be FIRED! I'll never buy it again!!

Review by Pete (Posted on 24/01/2021)
Not the best but still good

As I said in the title, this drink is not the best I've had so far, but is not the worst. I wouldn't probably say this will be a staple, yet, I think I will keep buying it from time to time. The flavour is much lighter than a latte or cappuccino. To me, it feels a lot like an americano but with lots of milk. Anyway, it is great ad an afternoon drink, as you wouldn't taste much milk (compared to a late). Also, the 'intenso' part is real. It has a great kick of coffee in it.

Review by Alessia (Posted on 27/12/2020)
Yuck - How can you do this to us

I think the green emoji with the spewing sick would probably sum up best how I feel about the new recipe CAFÉ AU LAIT INTENSO. (I did not notice the 'new recipe' note on the box until I checked to see if I'd picked up the wrong product) I often struggle to get this in my supermarket, so when I saw loads of it on the shelf I stocked up with it. So looked forward to having one when I got home, BUT OMG it's foul, they have ruined it. Turns out this 'new recipe' would actually seem to means is 'we've decided to bung a shed load of sugar in it' It tasted like one of those nasty cheap instant Cappucino sachets and hours later I still can't get the taste out of my mouth. As I don't take sugar in my coffee it is really very unpleasant (and probably not nice for a sugar taker if they are used to putting their own sugar in) I would think that as they don't clearly state it 'now has added sugar' it could be alarming harmful for a diabetic. Guess who's taking her unopened coffee boxes back to Asda this afternoon?

Review by Debby (Posted on 03/12/2020)
Horrible sickly sweet

This was always one of my favourites but won't be buying it again. The new recipe has so much sugar in it now that it's undrinkable. Please go back to the original recipe!

Review by Carol (Posted on 17/11/2020)
Yuck!!! It is already sugared!!!!!

Please return to the original version. Not everyone wants sugar in their coffee!! Won’t be buying this again!!!

Review by Linda (Posted on 13/11/2020)

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