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Stackable Pod Holder Blue-Crystal

Keep an eye on your NESCAFÉ® Dolce Gusto® pods with a set of two translucent and stylish Stackable Pod Holder. Set of two, available in 2 colour combinations.

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Keep your favourite NESCAFÉ® Dolce Gusto® capsules at hand with our stylish Stackable Pod Holders. Made from high quality translucent plastic so you can easily see how many pods you have left and make sure you never run out of your favourite beverages. Their easy-to-stack, refillable design means they take up as little space as possible and will fit in your kitchen no matter where your NESCAFÉ® Dolce Gusto® coffee machine is.

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ugly, big, and can only 1/3 fill

we won, yey!!! 1st it went missing in the post so we had to go an collect it. What a disappointment, it's so big, takes us so much space on the worktop, it is too big for the cupboard, looks awful, but the most annoying thing is that the hole is so big that once you have put a few pods in that's it then they fallout, awful design. Wasn't worth the effort!

Review by Rosyherb (Posted on 27/03/2020)

Dolce Gusto have found a way to self damage their brand name by insulting prize winning customers with their unsaleable items. After much thought we have decided to re-purpose as a spare toilet roll holder in garage loo.

Review by Heather (Posted on 09/03/2020)

I don't want to appear to be ungrateful, this was a competition win, however it is an eyesore, it doesn't even match anything in the room. The score of 1 is generous. Sorry guys but I appear to be in a majority.

Review by Ian (Posted on 09/02/2020)
Waste of space

I see I'm not the only disappointed winner. I was so happy to have finally won a prize after entering 100s of codes and all I received was a clear box! How is this supposed to help keep my assorted pods neat? I can just keep a box on the counter for the same space. And it has a massive hole so all the pods just fall out.

Review by Joe (Posted on 10/01/2020)
Absolute Tat

The only use I can find for these pod holders is to fill up the rubbish bin. This was a competition 'prize'. Is this your way of disposing of useless items?

Review by David (Posted on 07/12/2019)
does keep 2types of pod near at hand

takes up little space on work surface.

Review by jeffrey (Posted on 30/11/2019)
Disappointed (see Celia's review)

I thought I'd leave you a note on this but I see that Celia (15/11/19)has beaten me to it and also expressed almost exactly what I was going to say. Admittedly I too was over excited at winning and thought I had had won the 'rotative metal capsule dispenser'. I'm guessing pod and capsule mean the same thing. I don't think I want these in my kitchen but may be able to repurpose them for use in the garden to store some seeds or labels or some such. I antiquate they will become brittle and break up after a few years outdoors though... SO? Why are you shipping these? In these time of concern for the amount of superfluous plastic being generated it is bewildering, even the polystyrene packaging is non recyclable in my area. These are further landfill. I will keep typing the codes in each time I start a new packet of pods but will remain more diligent in reading the description before claiming any future prizes. On the plus side... I didn't know that 'rotative' was a word before seeing it in that description so have learned something.

Review by Peter (Posted on 22/11/2019)

Was quite excited to win a prize at last after years of sending in my codes. Thought I was getting the metal capsule holder. But received the ugly, plastic, cumbersome, storage unit that I wouldn't want cluttering my work surface. And useless for multiple varieties that I use. No wonder they are given away.

Review by Celia (Posted on 15/11/2019)
Dolce Gusto

We're sorry that you were disappointed with your weekly draw prize, Celia. All prizes can be viewed within the Terms & Conditions on our website, however winners are unable to select the prize that they receive. We will be sure to share your feedback with our promotional team.

Winners will be unable to choose which colour or flavour they receive.

(Answered on 19/11/2019)
Great and stylish

I like this as an alternative to the chrome holders and it was much bigger than the expected . The blue is a nice colour and they are very good quality.

Review by JoBeth (Posted on 13/08/2019)

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