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Podback Recycling Bag

Recycle with Podback. The Podback Recycling Bag (for Plastic Pods) has been designed to make recycling pods prepared from your NESCAFÉ Dolce Gusto machine a breeze.

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Recycle with Podback.


The Podback Recycling Bag has been designed to make recycling pods prepared from your NESCAFÉ Dolce Gusto machine a breeze. The advanced bag design features 2 seals, a grip seal (that can re-open), and a strip adhesive seal. Both seals help to minimize odour and reduce liquid leakage. Don’t forget to drain your pods before placing them in the recycling bag, and to drain the bag before sealing.


The Podback Recycling Bag (for Plastic Pods) is designed to be used with the Podback recycling service only. If you recycle with Podback through kerbside collection, you should use the bags provided by your local authority on behalf of Podback. For more information about recycling and Podback, visit https://www.dolce-gusto.co.uk/recycle.



1) Drain Pods

Drain pods that contain liquid before placing in bag. Caution: Contents may be hot.


2) Fill Bag

Fill bag up to dotted line with plastic pods only, ensuring they are drained of any liquid.


3) Remove Liquid

Remove any excess liquid from bag.


4) Seal Bag

Step 1. Press grip seal at top of bag (1) firmly for tight seal.

Step 2. Peel off white strip (2) and press adhesive firmly. Ensure both seals are closed tight.


5) Arrange a return

You can choose to print a label at home or in-store at https://www.collectplus.yodel.co.uk/podback-plastic.


6) Drop off

Find your nearest drop off point at https://www.collectplus.yodel.co.uk/store-locator.


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Better than not recycling

A bit of a pain only able to get more bags after ordering 4 boxes of pods! But better this than no system at all. I extract the coffee from the pods for use in the garden so have no problem with the pods draining fluid! Don't mind having to take them to a collection point as I enjoy the walk but feel for those who live in rather more remote places and have to make a special car journey. Using petrol to get there does that negate any benefit of recycling the pods ?

Review by Alex (Posted on 04/09/2021)

1. I thought that buying 2 machines both with 6 and 8 boxes of pods (1 via Amazon and the other direct) recently, I would automatically get pod recycling bags. The post code checker doesn't recognise my post code. Hindsight tells me I should have ordered a bag when ordering the machine and pods direct but in this day and age, is it really too much to ask that bags are automatically included with bulk purchases. Otherwise, love the machine.

Review by Graham (Posted on 28/08/2021)
Dolce Gusto

Please contact our team directly using our Contact Us form, with your recent order number and we will be happy to send some recycling bags to you. Recycling bags are not added automatically with each order to reduce waste.

(Answered on 05/09/2021)
Could be better.

There must be a better way to recycle the pods. The bags break easily and still leak.

Review by Andrew (Posted on 25/08/2021)
POD Recycling Bags

As mentioned in previous reviews it's a great idea but unable to get anymore bags unless you spend over a certain amount on the website, I purchase a lot of mine in supermarkets. Are these now available in stores and if so where?

Review by Lisa (Posted on 24/08/2021)
can't get recycling bags

I ordered some recycling bags with my last order but didn't receive them. since then have tried to re-order but being told I have to spend £15 in my basket. Website is awful and I just keep going round in circles trying to contact somebody useful. Says available from retailers from summer 2021 - presumably at a charge! Have decided to just put them in recycling bin collected by council. hmmm not good!!! disappointing as wouldn't have bought machine if I'd known.

Review by Mary (Posted on 21/08/2021)
Dolce Gusto

 Thanks for your comments Mary. We can see you have been in touch with our Consumer Services team who will get back to you as soon as possible. Unfortunately, local councils do not currently have the facility to recycle used capsules.

(Answered on 23/08/2021)
I wish the pods for recycling could be collected like Nespresso ones.

It’s easy enough to fill up the bags for recycling the pods but then we have to make a special journey to take them to our nearest shop. This means that bags of pods are sitting around in my kitchen or conservatory until we have the time to take them.

Review by Margaret (Posted on 04/08/2021)
Dolce Gusto

To see if Podback kerbside collection is available in your area, please visit https://podback.org/

(Answered on 04/08/2021)

Love how easy this is

Review by Chris (Posted on 01/08/2021)
Please post bags without a purchase!

It's a great idea and we love to recycle the pods, it's a bit of a pain emptying them but worth it. Only negative is I order our pods elsewhere as its much cheaper so can't get anymore recycling bags. Please can you post them without a minimum order. Happy to pay postage.

Review by Emma (Posted on 28/07/2021)
Mmm, not got it right yet!

It’s a great thought, but you’ve not got there yet. I put all mine into the second sink to drain but they’re still draining coffee into the bag even after a week of draining, and seeing as the bags don’t seal they leak stingy old coffee dregs into my car. The other problem is that there only appears to be one shop on Anglesey that will accept them, so it’s about a 45 minute round trip to take them. It’s a good idea, but it needs refining! Why couldn’t we put our bags with our council refuse and then whoever collects them only had to go to one place ie the local tip?

Review by Wendy (Posted on 25/07/2021)
Fluid egress

Recycling bags are a great idea any chance you could make them fluid-tight? I usually pick the bag up to find a large coffee stain under it, this is after every effort to drain the pods before disposing Address this oversight for a 5 star review

Review by Colin (Posted on 13/07/2021)

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