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Coffee pod holders

Too many pods to choose from? Store them in a stylish, functional holder that makes reaching for the next one oh-so-easy.

  • Rotative Metal Capsule Holder With Capsules

    Rotative Metal Capsule Holder

  • Empty Capsule Holder Bubble Black

    Bubble Pod Holder Black

  • Capsule Holder Bubble Extension Black

    Black Bubble Pod Holder Extension

  • Capsule Holder Bubble Extension White

    White Bubble Pod Holder Extension

  • Capsule Holder Bubble Red With Pods

    Bubble Pod Holder Red

  • Capsule Holder Bubble White With Capsules

    Bubble Pod Holder White

  • Front View Of Capsule Drawer

    Capsule Drawer


Make your everyday coffee experience even brighter with a stylish capsule holder. Whether you want to display your clever little pods for a pop of colour, store them in a sleek drawer or mix it up with a cool bubble pod holder, you’re sure to find a storage solution that suits your kitchen here.