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This sleek and compact pod drawer, is a great way to contain your coffee pods and is designed especially for your NESCAFÉ Dolce Gusto machine to sit on top of.

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This sleek and compact pod drawer is designed especially for your NESCAFÉ Dolce Gusto machine to sit on top of.


It holds approximately 32 coffee pods, featuring a semi-transparent roof to show off the varieties below and a chrome handle for easy access to your favourite pods.


Its dimensions are: 340mm (length), 250mm (width), 63.2mm (height).

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Never had an issue

I’ve owned the tray for around 4 years now. I used it with a classic machine and the ellipsis machine, and never had the vibration issues mentioned above - possibly an issue with the mini’s? In any case, always found it very functional, and keeps the pods tidy. Great for putting in a cupboard without losing storage space, as other items can then be stacked on top. It would be nice to have a filing system inside, something to hold the pods in place, but the draw isn’t so massive that I can’t find both pods needed for a mocha or cappuccino.

Review by Harry (Posted on 29/06/2020)
Very good...It is just what I wanted!

I like the design and it holds lots of capsules. I expected the capsules weren't going to be standing, so I wasn't disappointed at all. I bought it to save space and have to admit I don't have the machine on, so I can't comment about the vibration. I would recommend.

Review by Isabel (Posted on 04/11/2018)

Pods don't stay upright, only fit about 20 pods in. Machine vibrates when on top so much that the draw opens on its own. Total waste of money, it now lives in the garage to store old screws and nails in :-(

Review by Amanda (Posted on 14/10/2018)

This just the worst holder made, how are you expected to keep the pods upright ? They just roll around in the drawer, will be sending this back unfortunately

Review by Danni (Posted on 03/01/2018)

arrived broken, just a cheap plastic box £5.99 is what it should cost.

Review by jonathan (Posted on 14/04/2017)
Worst buy ever

a total waste of money. I bought this as it was on your site and thought it would be of use. was i wrong on that, the draw does nothing except let pods spill all over it you can not keep them in order so it is a nightmare trying to find pods that go together, I have since seen much better items cheaper and do the job perfect wish I could give a Minus star rating

Review by Peter (Posted on 05/04/2017)

I have never taken to the internet to write a negative review, but feel compelled to do so after buying this product, and it only arrived today! Whilst this may look pretty, it makes it dangerous to use the machine! It is, to all intents and purposes, just a plastic box. Despite being designed to provide a stand for the coffee machine, it causes the machine to vibrate terribly. This makes the operation exceptionally noisy and, rather worryingly, causes the cup to move around... A potential spill and scald risk! You have to hold on to the cup when filling it, which wouldn't normally be advised when filling with hot drinks. The drawer has no restraint or support for the pods, they just roll around in the drawer. A friend has a generic pod drawer which is fab - but I wanted to stay loyal to the brand, and presumed I would have a superior product, how wrong I was. Bitterly disappointed that I wasted my own money, and my £10 voucher on this sub-standard, dangerous and overpriced accessory. This needs redesigning at their earliest opportunity and should be removed from sale in the meantime!

Review by Amanda (Posted on 14/02/2017)
Very glad I bought this item

Being new to the dolce gusto machine as soon as I saw the draw I just had to have it. Yes I thought the price was a bit high considering the cost of the machine its self. I can honestly say I love this little draw and I'm not disappointed at all. In fact I'm planing on buying a couple more as I get the feeling they would stack. One is more than enough under the machine and it dose vibrant slightly more but doesn't really bother me as I feel it's quite normal.

Review by Margaret (Posted on 14/01/2017)

£24.99 for a box, doesn't hold the capsules, they roll around, unable to be organised. Worse money spent. The box needs dividers to separate the capsules. You can't view the capsules because to stop them rolling around you have to have them upside down! Waste of money

Review by Charlotte (Posted on 11/01/2017)
Could be better

Ideally needs foam with cut outs to hold the pods up rite and stop them rolling around

Review by Timothy (Posted on 28/12/2016)

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