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We're back with more from our TasteMaker, mixologist Andy. We've been catching up with him about his plans for the new year, and he's whipped up some more mouth-watering drinks for you to try at home. Oh, and there's a chance for you to win an exclusive NESCAFÉ Dolce Gusto® hamper.

Best get started then.

Get To Know Andy
So Andy, what does 2015 have in store?

Lots of exciting things: I've just bought my own bar, which is massively exciting, so I've got the opening of that to look forward to, it's called The Cocktail Trading Co. I'm also planning on having my first cocktail book out at the end of year. So, hopefully 2015 is going to be amazing.

Get To Know Andy
Get To Know Andy
Where do you get your inspiration for flavour combos from?

Everywhere. Being a bartender is more a way of life than an occupation. Inspiration comes from the most random places; it could come from a really delicious meal, or something that happens during the course of the day, like getting splashed by a passing car. And sometimes in the middle of the night I have to wake up and grab a pen and paper!

What's your daily routine like?

I normally wake up around 9 and make myself a coffee. Then I'll head out to any meetings. After that, it's my creative time, and I like to spend around 2 hours experimenting with new drinks and flavours. Sometimes I'll hold training sessions. Then, come 5, it's action time: the bars open and we'll stay in service anywhere up till 4am! Then bed. It's full on, but I love it.

Get To Know Andy
Sounds hectic, what do you do to unwind?

Music, warming drinks and books. Nothing chills me out more than a good cup of tea – Marrakesh Style Tea is a personal favourite! – some blues playing in the background and a good read.

Get To Know Andy
Get To Know Andy
Arabian Dreams
Popcorn Coffee
Serving Information
Serving Information

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