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Magnum Pack


If you love sitting back with a NESCAFÉ® Dolce Gusto® and find yourself running out of your favourite pods oh-too-often, help is at hand. We’ve taken our most popular breakfast varieties and put them in bigger packs – meaning more coffee, more fun, and less hassle.

Choose your favourite variety and relax. You’ll always have a great coffee moment there when you need it.

  • Grande


    Smooth and satisfying, this simple classic is anything but ordinary. Made with 100% medium roast Arabica beans, the Grande is a fantastic all-rounder, and now it’s available in a pack of 30.

  • Lungo


    Rich and easy-going, this Italian ‘long coffee’ is great from breakfast to the end of the day. Now in a pack of 30, you can enjoy less restocking and more of your favourite coffee moments.

  • Lungo

    Cafe au Lait

    Perfect for any time of the day, this is a classic milky coffee. Topped with silky foam, friends and family will love it as much as you do – and as it’s in a pack of 30, there’s plenty to go around!