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Latte Glass Set

Made from clear glass and a brilliant companion to our latte macchiato capsules

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Whether you love our Caramel Latte Macchiato capsule or the Skinny Latte Macchiato is more your style, enjoy your favourite drink in this striking latte glass. A brilliant companion to any of our frothy latte coffee capsules, we’ve specially designed this glass to make the very most of your drink.


The beautiful layers of coffee, milk and crema are just a part of what make our latte drinks so special, which is why we think that they should be shown off to their very best. Our stylish latte cups are perfect for doing just that. With elegantly designed details, the clear glass takes your coffee from delicious drink to a coffee creation that’s truly a work of art. Whether you’re unwinding after a long day, or enjoying a latte after dinner with friends, bring the coffee shop experience home with these lovely latte glasses.


Suitable for dishwashers, these glasses don’t just look great, but they’re easy to clean too! So, whether you pop in a pod to make a latte for yourself or create coffees for all your friends to enjoy, savour your capsules in style – without the fuss.


And if you love our latte glasses, why not give our cappuccino and espresso cups a try? 

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I can see why people are complaining about the price but the quality of these glasses is good and I think worth it. And to top it off I got this set when they was on a free offer which was amazing it also made me go and buy the rest of the sets that they do. before I got this set I was just having my drinks in normal mugs/cups but after having them in a glass it just sets off the presentation of the drink and improves enjoyment.

Review by Terry (Posted on 06/05/2016)
Perfect for Latte's and hot chocolate.

People complaining about the price are already happily paying almost £4 for 8 or 16 drinks, it's much cheaper to buy a jar or packet of coffee in the supermarket, but we like the convenience and perceived quality and these glasses are an extension of that comfort we obtain from owning nice things. They are made from thick glass and so feel weighty and high quality. It's also easier to gauge the quantities for the two pod drinks. The price is for two by the way.

Review by Stuart (Posted on 17/03/2016)
Way over priced

Considering you can buy on the high street for as little as £1 wont be purchasing these!

Review by Vee (Posted on 05/01/2016)
Positive Surprise

With all of the 1 star reviews I was worried on purchasing this product but to my Delight they were great. The perfectly fit Latte Macchiato and cappuccino capsules. Ulthough pricey I found it worth while purchasing the branded cups to know the correct size drink size with my manual machine.

Review by Ryan (Posted on 31/12/2015)
Nice Glasses

I thought I was ordering a single glass so ordered two, they have just arrived an it was a set of two glasses, so I have four!! they are very well made, not thin and flimsy like most glasses, I wont break these first time out!! worth the £10 for the set, thank you!!

Review by Susan (Posted on 07/12/2015)
Pure greed

Do not buy them go to high street, lazy quick profit from customers

Review by John (Posted on 14/10/2015)
Too expensive

I agree, these glasses are too expensive for what they are, and I wonder if you are taking any notice of these reviews at all.

Review by David (Posted on 21/08/2015)

Joke price!

Review by margaret (Posted on 24/07/2015)
Nice Glasses

A nice drink deserves a nice glass, and these are very nice glasses. Very well made, comfortable to hold and drink from and they look good. They are Latte glasses but will also cope fine with a Cappucino coffee - think I'll have another !

Review by Bri (Posted on 19/06/2015)
Too expensive

Would love them but can't justify paying £10 per cup, way overpriced

Review by Jean (Posted on 05/06/2015)

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