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Milk Tea

Number of servings 16

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Online Exclusive
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Take a break from ordinary tea and coffee and stand out from the crowd with our delicious Milk Tea in just one pod! A classic favourite, coffee drinkers and tea lovers alike can discover something new. Our Milk Tea pod is a wonderful choice for those well-earned breaks at any time of the day, and equally as brilliant for enjoying with friends.


Milk Tea is an online exclusive, and definitely worth a try if you’re looking for an exciting new tea experience. Formerly named ‘Tea Latte’, now combining milk and tea in one pod for your convenience.


The box contains 16 capsules of NESCAFÉ® Dolce Gusto® Milk Tea, designed for NESCAFÉ ® Dolce Gusto® capsule coffee machines.



Our talented coffee creators have skilfully prepared this blend of milk with the fresh aromatic taste of black tea.



Create professional quality coffees with a thick velvety crema, thanks to the machine’s high pressure (up to 15 bars).



With our hermetically sealed capsules you’ll enjoy rich aromatic cups every time.



Simply slide your Milk Tea capsule into your NESCAFÉ® Dolce Gusto® machine. Your tea will be ready right away.

Flavoured Tea-beverage powder, with whole milk powder and sugar 


16 black capsules x 11.5g  = 184g


Nutrition InformationUnitPer 100g
as sold
Per 100ml180ml serving% RI*
Energy kJ 1891 121 219 3%
Energy kcal 450 29 52 3%
Fat g 18.0 1.2 2.1 3%
of which: saturates g 11.9 0.8 1.4 7%
Carbohydrate g 51.4 3.3 5.9 2%
of which: sugars g 45.4 2.9 5.2 6%
Fibre g 0.3 0.0 0.0 -
Protein g 18.0 1.2 2.1 4%
Salt g 0.68 0.04 0.08 1%

*Reference Intake of an average adult (8400 kJ/2000 kcal).




Whole milk powder (66,1%),  sugar (26,1%), black tea extract powder (6,2 %), natural  flavourings,  vegetable oil (palm kernel, palm), emulsifier (soya lecithin)


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A keen favourite

I buy a variety of pods but must admit this is one of my favourites. I usually end the day with a cup of this, reminding me of Royal Milk Tea that I found in Japan. I completely understand the polarised reviews for this tea as it is not what many people expect it to be. Would be good if the portion was a bit bigger. Also, don't forget to shake/tap/knock the capsule before putting it in the machine to free the contents. Many of the powdered capsules tend to "clump" and can leave a significant quantity of product behind after brewing. CAREFULLY slit the foil top of the capsule after removing it from the machine and take a look. Having product left in the capsule will effect the apparent strength of the drink. I assume it isn't just me and my machine?

Review by Philip (Posted on 25/11/2020)
Won't buy again

Far too milky and it has a weird sweetened flavour. Doesn't taste anything like tea

Review by Kelly (Posted on 20/11/2020)
Not what I expected

Really didn't enjoy this tea at all , wishing I hadn't bought 2 packs as it will not be drunk. Found it too milky and frothy and more like a sweet tea which I really don't like . Id love dolce gusto to do tea pods you could add your own milk to such as Redbush or Earl Grey .

Review by Kirsty (Posted on 17/11/2020)
Perfect Hong Kong milk tea!

This is a perfect blend of Hong Kong style milk tea! Love the texture. Some say it’s too sweet but I really can’t taste the sweetness that much. It’s not meant to be a strong tea as it is supposed to be like a delicacy. For example, this is the kind of tea you would get when ordering boba milk tea.

Review by Mocaggy (Posted on 15/11/2020)
Hk style milk tea!

From reading the reviews and noticing a lot of people aren’t expecting the flavour that they want for. I mean when I first ordered I thought this would be a proper English breakfast tea, however after trying I would say this tastes more like the Hong Kong style milk tea as the fragrance and the sweetness of it it’s quite similar! I really enjoyed it tho :)

Review by Kelsey (Posted on 13/11/2020)
Too sweat

The tea is good but too sweat. It would be better to provide milk tea without any sugar added.

Review by Sana Ullah (Posted on 11/11/2020)
Love this drink

Such a nice different drink! It’s a tea style drink rather than expecting it to be a standard milk tea, it’s fragrant and sweet but not too sweet (I don’t take sugar I normal tea and loved it) - definitely recommend

Review by Steph (Posted on 31/10/2020)

Tried this for the first time today, its not nice at all it doesn't taste anything like tea. Could you not develop a english breakfast tea blend which is black tea of a good quality and then people can add milk or sugar to their taste

Review by Jill (Posted on 26/09/2020)
Tastes like proper Indian milky tea and it's amazing

Worth every penny! But I wish there was more in the pods so you could get a whole mug full of the drink but the drink itself is the closest to a India proper tea you can get. Tastes wonderful and smells amazing! Love these pods

Review by SR (Posted on 18/09/2020)
Milk Tea

I'd never tried the tea latte which I understand this product to have replaced, so I can't draw a comparison. I was skeptical because of the reviews, but I quite like it! I was trying to put my finger on why it's not quite like my usual cup of tea, and to me, it tastes a bit malty. A slight Ovaltine taste. And with the creamy consistency. I reckon if I made a cup of tea, added a teaspoon of ovaltine, and a splash of cream, I'd be close to the mark.

Review by Emsy (Posted on 13/09/2020)

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